Школа леди | Three-day intensive training course, New York <br>27-29, April
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Three-day intensive training course, New York
27-29, April


Lotte Hotel New York



Dear Ladies,

especially for you, we developed the intensive three-day program that includes all necessary disciplines for improving knowledge in the field of etiquette and elegance.


The First Day (April, 27. Friday)

Time: 12:30-14:00
Master Class: Manners Elegance
Coach: Marii Boucher

You will receive a complete guide to elegance and will be able to analyze in practice all the nuances of working with it.

Moreover, you will receive “The table of Beauty”, work through each of its points. Marii Boucher will give you personal recommendations and advice.

Main topics:

— Acquaintance with all the rules of etiquette

— Elegant woman: clothes, style, image.

— Manners and secrets of an elegant woman.

— Edge of elegance, gestures

— Speech and voice of an elegant woman

— Elegant poses. How to get out of the car.

— Aesthetics of movements. Gait. Turns of the body, head.

Time: 14:30 — 15:30 Coffe Break
Время: 15:30 — 18:00 Master Class: Secular etiquette.Small Talk
Coach: Marii Boucher

You will learn all about the main rules of the attending social events.

Our couch will tell you how to choose the right image in accordance with the stated dress code.

You will master the art of conducting a small talk, learn the rules of presentation and acquaintance.

Furthermore, you will learn:

— Types of social events and rules of conduct on each of them.

— How to come to events, at what time and on what.

— Types and rules of Dress Code for various events.

— Types of invitations, abbreviations.

— Rules of representation and acquaintance, communication with VIP-persons


The Second Day (April, 28. Saturday)


Time: 12.00 — 14:30  Master Classes: Gestures of elegant woman. Non-verbal communication
Coach: Marii Boucher

You have the opportunity to review some of the characteristics of the behavior of women and men.

There is no secret that misunderstanding of male and female behavior leads to emotional conflicts and emotional devastation.

Now you can learn more about this and avoid such situations.

Moreover, our couch will tell and show:

— how to behave properly at the table;

— how to sit neatly on a chair, rise and turn around at the exit;

— how to get into the car and get out of it elegantly;

— how to climb and descend the stairs elegantly;

— how to put on and take off your outerwear and gloves beautifully.

14:30 — 15:30 Coffee Break

15:30 — 18:00 Master Class: Image of elegant woman. Personal Branding
Coach: Marii Boucher
A personal brand offers great opportunities in terms of freedom to form one’s own career.
This is «The personal brand card», which will remain with you for life, and you will be able to follow it for a long time until you achieve the desired result.

Main topics:

— The relevance of creating personal branding.

— Personal branding: signs and principles.

— Criteria for the effectiveness of a personal brand.

— Rules for creating a brand identity.

— Social networks and their role in personal branding.

— The field of brand realization.

The Third Day (April, 29. Sunday)

Time: 19:00 (Arrival of guests)
Secular Dinner. Table manners

Restaurant. Practice.

You will visit a luxurious dinner. It consists of 4-5 courses.

At the dinner there is a full serving according to international standards. It will give you the opportunity to practice all the subtleties of dining etiquette.

In addition, you will learn how to properly eat elaborate dishes, what kind of wine is suitable for each type of food, how to properly use cutlery, to hold a glass, etc.

Course fee:
1 299 $*

*Additional paid:
— Accommodation
— Flight / relocation

*The paid money is not refundable